An adventure amongst the Yews.



Oh how I love the weekend. Sebastian and I made a promise to ourselves and the children to get out into nature every weekend. It is such escapism for us, it’s exactly what we need to reset before another busy week begins.


This week, we went on an adventure to one of the oldest yew forests in Western Europe. In fact, the mighty yews are so ancient that they are some of the oldest living things in Britain. This really is childhood unplugged.


The woodland is full of dens made by other children who have delighted in the old yews before us.


Off to add another log to the den.


Francis really wore himself out grubbing about in the leaves. He gummed away at a bit of old twig. He’s cutting his molars this week and boy do we know about it.



More gumming!


Lot’s of the trees have fallen down in storms or old age; it is fascinating to look at the web of roots exposed and a superb opportunity to teach children about what goes on underfoot.


The best thing about the great Yews? They make brilliant climbing frames. The branches are low and twisted and call out to be clambered upon.



Checking out the moss and the mushrooms. Oh how I love the squidgy leg poking out above his boot.


Rufus digging in the mud. At this point Francis was wailing because he wanted his nap and we were begging him to come home but only a slice of biscotti could lure him away.



Sebastian is my hero on long walks. The children always get super tired and beg to be carried.


Francis thought it was brilliant to be out of his Ergo and to be carried like this. Though not so easy for Daddy!


It’s adorable how Rufus takes so much delight in walking through nature. He will often trail behind, digging in a ditch for that special twig or hunting for a rogue bear and then all of a sudden run up behind me and slip his little hand in mine. I never want those moments to end.

On the ride home the children dozed and we listened to some Iron and Wine as I felt the weekend slipping through my fingers. I hope you had a good weekend too,



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