Growing seeds.


When it’s cold and miserable outside what better time to grow some seeds. No need for digging about in the soil. Seeds are perhaps the best things to grow with young children. No mess, cheap and they grow rapidly so results are obtainable quickly.


The science bit: Mung beans are small green legumes, high in potassium, magnesium, fibre, a great source of protein and B vitamins. You can add their sprouts to just about anything; we ate them mixed into a salad. These little beans are so awesome that they actually boost immunity and protect against infections and viruses. In short, eating sprouted beans as opposed to unsprouted and cooked, makes their nutrition more absorbable and easier to digest. What’s not to love I ask you.



All you need is some containers (we used some old Pot&co ceramic ramekins), some cotton wool and some seeds. I won’t patronise you by making this into a ‘how-to’ but basically you just make a bed of cotton wool in the container, sprinkle on a good amount of the seeds and add plenty of water. Keep checking that they aren’t drying out everyday. We put ours on the windowsill where it was lovely and sunny.




And here they are after about a week of growing. We gave then a quick rinse before eating.





Rufus was so pleased to have grown such splendid sprouting beans that there was no battle in getting him to eat them. He gobbled them up just as they were! I’d love to hear what you’ve had success with growing lately.



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